Faith Foundation Children's Home
Welcome to Faith Foundation Children's Home.
The main administration building is located 8 miles east of
Fredericktown, Missouri. It sets on 8.9 acres of rural land
near the Castor River. The property also adjoins a large
National Forest that supports hiking and nature trails.

FFCH offers an array of services shown to be effective in
working with children and adolescents ages eight (8) to
eighteen (21) years of age. We are more than just a
residential care facility. We are a mission of Faith Family
Worship Center (
FFCH  has been in operation since 2000. We emphasize
caring and compassionate treatment in a environment that
fosters a nurturing safe haven for children to work on their
issues so they can return to a less restrictive placement.

One of FFCH's goals is to teach and help each individual to
develop socially acceptable behaviors and become
productive members in their communities. We strive to
serve our community and its families to the best of our

We are licensed by both the Missouri Children's Division
and Department of Mental Health and are members of  
MCCA ( We also are working
towards our accreditation through COA

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immediately by
email or calling 573.783.4400